Satellite communication

Integrate our satellite connectivity solutions into your global operations and communicate like never before.
From small sensors to large oceanography vessels.

Wideband - Narrowband - Pole-to-Pole Network

Polar research station
World's only connectivity solution designed for the poles

Unrivaled bandwidth. Unbelievable prices. PolarConnectTM is a satellite connectivity solution specific for the poles, offering organizations a new way of staying connected at the Earth's extremes.

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radio wave radio source
A high bandwidth service
for bulk data transfer

Global Data ServiceTM gives organizations the ability to optimize the use of
their satellite bandwidth by routing delay tolerant data over an economic
store-and-forward link.

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Shipping vessel
Cargo train
Weather station
Heavy construction machinery
everywhereIOT TM
One Network. One Standard. IoT made available everywhere

everywhereIOTTM provides a cellular-quality and standardized connection for Internet of Things devices through a globally available satellite service. From cities, to villages, to the ocean, and everywhere in between Kepler's solution will ensure smart devices will connect with a single service provider.

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Latest news

The Canadian satellite telecommunications company announces the successful launch and command on their second low-Earth orbit satellite CASE.

Jeff Osborne

We began Kepler in 2015 with a singular mission to build in-space telecommunications infrastructure. Like the railroads that helped settle the western frontier, we believe connectivity infrastructure is an intrinsic good that will be needed to expand humanity into space. As we set upon this Mission, there were early indicators suggesting this future was not so farfetched nor distant.

Victoria Alberto

We are thrilled to release our brand-new website where you can find all the information you need about our services, educational resources such as whitepapers, case studies and some cute video animations as well as the latest news about Kepler! The new site will continuously evolve as our business evolves, and we always welcome feedback from the community for how to improve.

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KEPLER develops next-generation satellite communication technologies and provides global satellite data backhaul services for wideband and Internet of Things applications with the long-term goal of building a network of satellites to provide in-space connectivity.
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